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Posted on Mar 25, 2014 in Content | 1 comment

Under The Feet of Christ

Under His Feet


For He has put all things under His feet. But when He says “all things are put under Him, it is evident that He who put all things under Him is excepted.
1 Corinthians 15:27

There is a day coming when all things will be under Jesus’s feet; under His absolute control. Yet the first time the Lord Jesus came wasn’t like that at all. Death will be under the Lord Jesus’s feet, and yet as He died they pierced His feet. Sin will be under His feet, and yet He became sin for us. The Devil will be under His feet, and yet He allowed the Devil, through Judas, to betray Him to the Jews. The kingdoms of this world will be under His feet, and yet Jesus let lowly Pontius Pilate take Him and release Him to His death. What a paradox!

One day everyone will bow at the Lord Jesus’s feet. One day He will be openly crowned as Lord of all, because He is worthy. He is Lord, He will reign. Let us willingly subject ourselves to our rightful Lord and King!

What love it was that brought Thee down,
Down to the depths in which I lay.
That made Thee leave Thy glory-throne,
In Servant’s form to tread Thy way;
Yet lower still to death to go,
That I might never judgment know

-Silas Schaeffer

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Posted on Mar 19, 2014 in Content | 1 comment

The Feet of Christ: Where Mary Sat

Where Mary Sat

“And she had a sister called Mary, who also sat at Jesus’s feet and heard His word.”
Luke 10:39

How would you react if Jesus walked into your home? Would you be able to control the trembling excitement at the sound of the Lord’s voice? Would you be able to put all your cares away and just sit at His feet? I can’t help but smile at the thought! Just think about being at the feet that brought God’s blessings to mankind and carried the weight of that cross every step to Calvary. When Jesus came to her home, Mary was willing to set aside all her worries and simply sit at the feet of Jesus.

As we sit at His feet we should remember how small we are. Compared to Him, the Most High, we are truly smaller than dust. We should approach Him with humbled hearts, sit at His feet, and look up at Him with adoration fresh perspective to the One who is loved us. Despite His mighty position, He came down to our level to see us as brothers and to sympathize with all our weaknesses!

That connection from God to man is illustrated when we look at those precious feet. The Bible says that a body was prepared for a willing Servant, whose name would be called “God with us”. He was indeed God with us! Those feet carried Him to every town in Israel so that everyone could know that God was with them. Yet, He endured much along way, and even today His feet show the pain and rejection that He endured on the Cross!

Paul writes, “I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that day.” Before leaping about to “do”, let’s sit at the Savior’s feet and get to know Him. Like Paul, like Mary, we will grow to love and trust our Lord more as we get to know Him better.

-Chase Boone

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Posted on Mar 15, 2014 in Content | 1 comment

Falling at The Feet of Christ

At His Feet


And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. And He laid His right hand upon me, saying to me, “Do not fear, I am the first and the last, and the Living One, and I became dead and behold I am alive for ever and ever, Amen. And I have the keys of hell and death.”
Revelation 1:17-18

What would you do if the Lord Jesus appeared before you in all His glory? The apostle John fell at the feet of his Savior almost involuntarily, like he had died. The Lord, in loving mercy, laid His hand upon John, reassuring him not to be afraid.

It is ironic to consider two other incidents in Revelation where John innocently fell at the feet of angels. In the first instance, John was surrounded by a huge crowd that was praising God. John may have had a worshipful mindset toward God when this angel approached him. And so, John fell at the angel’s feet. Notice the reaction of the angel: he refused John’s worship and directed him to worship God.

The second time when John falls at the feet of an angel is after John has just seen the new heavens that show the great glory of God. The scene may have reminded John of what great cost Christ paid to give him access to the new heavens. And so John, out of zealousness for Christ, thought he was again in the presence of his Lord and Savior. Seeing the angel, John fell at his feet. This angel told John not to worship a fellow-servant as himself. Again, John’s worship was directed toward God.

There is quite a contrast between the time John fell at the feet of the Lord and the times he fell at the feet of angels. When John fell at the feet of the angels, they refused his worship, telling him who he should worship. The Lord accepted John’s worship. And, in the richness of His mercy, laid His hand upon John and encouraged him not to fear.

No one but God deserves worship – no man or angel, for we are all servants of the same Master. Worship Christ, fall at His feet, feel His right hand rest upon your shoulder, and know that He who became dead is alive for ever and ever.

-George Tickle

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Posted on Mar 6, 2014 in Content |

The Scarred Feet of Christ

Scarred Feet

After His death and resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples. When they saw Him, the disciples were afraid, considering Him to be a ghost. But Jesus didn’t want them to fear. He wanted them to know of His resurrection so that they could have hope.

Jesus showed them the scars on His feet as proof of His physical resurrection. The Man that stood before them was the same Man they had seen hanging on the cross for their sins. But now death had been conquered; Christ had risen. The body that had been ravaged and devastated in death now stood alive before them in victory.

The resurrection of Jesus showed the disciples His victory and power over sin and death. There was hope, power, and purpose. All because of His resurrection. Their fears and doubts were removed by the fact that this was indeed their Savior standing before them.

When fears and doubts come in, we can remind ourselves of the scarred feet of Christ. He endured the cross for our sins, rose again in victory, and presented those feet to calm the fears of His closest friends. He is victorious over sin and death. We need not fear or doubt any more.

-JC Schroeder

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Posted on Mar 1, 2014 in Content |

The Unwashed Feet of Christ

Unwashed Feet

After that, He poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel with which He was girded.
John 13:5

The hour of Christ’s death was drawing close when He sat down to eat the Passover with His disciples. During the meal, the twelve dug up the long standing argument about who would be the greatest. In the midst of this vanity, Jesus Christ girded himself with a towel, poured a basin of water, and began to wash the disciples’ feet.

The greatest person in that room took the lowest place. After He was done, Christ clothed Himself and sat down again. Jesus Christ was then the only one in the room with unwashed feet. None of the disciples stooped to wash His feet. However, the Lord Jesus cared not for Himself or His own feet. His concern was the needs of others. He not only took the servant’s place, but He did so without regard to Himself.

There sat the Lord Jesus, with men who were not even worthy to wash His feet. But beyond that, He was the one who above all deserved to have His feet washed. Christ did not demand this simple service that was right and proper, but stepped to the lowest place and met the needs of the lesser at His own expense. He did not even mention the fact that His feet had not been washed. Jesus Christ was utterly selfless. He looked at the needs of others above all. The unwashed feet of Christ that were just hours later nailed to the cross speak to us of the ever-loving and ministering heart of God for us.

-Daniel Morell

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