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Posted on Nov 25, 2013 in Books |

5 Reasons to Read “My Heart My Life My All”

My Heart My Life My All

  1. It starts in the right place
    Unlike many books that are written for the same purpose, this magnificent book starts with the cross. Many use guilt and obligation to motivate the spiritual walk; this selection promotes the proper motivation of a love for the Savior.
  2. It is written from a sincere standpoint
    Many authors write practical books without having the life to back up their words. William MacDonald was a man that lived these writings. He also provides examples and stories of others following Christ with their life to show that this lifestyle should not be a dream for a few but the norm for all.
  3. It looks at Christ for the ultimate example
    The author examines who Christ truly is from his writings which are deeply rooted in the Bible and challenges the reader to examine their own thoughts on Christ. He also exhorts readers to remember the Lord Jesus and in response lay aside desires that are fleshly and selfish.
  4. It provides the right blend of heat and light
    The book starts by defining what the Christian life should look like, but it also challenges the reader to examine the reasons why they live the way they do. Some focus on a list that one can intellectually consent with while others create a passion without any substance. This book provides the passion built on the solid foundation of the Word.
  5. It is written ideally for “small bites” of meditation
    The layout of this book is ideal for a thoughtful read. As you read, take the small bites and truly think and pray your way along. Each chapter will help you in your goal to become more like Christ.

Who should read this book?
If you are looking for a guide to help you in your spiritual walk, this is the book to purchase. This is also a great gift for any young (physically or spiritually) believer. But truly, everyone should read this book.

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Posted on Jul 28, 2013 in Books |

Top 10 Books Every Christian Should Read

Before we get into the books on the list, it is worth mentioning that everyone should have a daily devotional of some sort. Below are a couple recommendations:

  • “Choice Gleanings” by Gospel Folio Press
  • “One Day At A Time” by William MacDonald

1: “God is Faithful” — JB Nicholson

If you don’t think God works today like He did in the past, this is a great book. The author gives real life testimonies of people who saw the Lord provide for them in wonderful ways.

2: “Christianity, Opium or Truth” — David Gooding & John Lennox

This book helps you to face some of the difficulties people will throw at you in the pressure cooker of an anti-God environment. It presents an intellectually acceptable way through to personal faith in Christ.

3: “The Church At Work” — Brian Gunning

Everyone needs to come to love the church, and accept church truths on their own. If you don’t understand why some things are being done, you might wonder or be bothered by them. This book will guide you to church truth in a scriptural, reasonable way.

4: “Worship & Remembrance” — Daniel Smith

This book gives 52 great examples of Christ-centered worship. If you are searching for something that exemplifies what it is to worship Christ, this book is worth your time.

5: “Key Bible Concepts” — David Gooding & John Lennox

This is a simple presentation of good Bible words and concepts that every Christian should understand. The chapters are short, and cover some big topics in an easily digestible format.

6: “My Heart My Life My All” — William MacDonald

Written by a man who lived the book, this book is one to prayerfully work through as your look at your own life. It starts with the cross – our Savior, the One who motivates our love to Him.

7: “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” — John Cross

This is a “Creation to the Cross” evangelism book. However, for a Christian, it will make you look to the Cross through the lens of the Old Testament.

8: “Through Gates of Splendor” — Elisabeth Elliot

This is a classic biography on the 5 missionaries killed in Ecuador. People should be reminded that young and newly married guys were solid in their commitment to the Lord. It is a reminder that it isn’t unreasonable to expect anyone to be sold out for the Lord.

9: “Here’s the Difference” — William MacDonald

This book uses clear, biblical language to teach a young person to rightly divide the truth. It will help you to distinguish ideas that can be easily confused.

10: “The Path to the City of Gold” — CH Waller

This book is rich with great thoughts from the scriptures. Each chapter is a self contained thought on characters from Abraham to Christ. You will learn things you never knew about familiar characters like Jonathan, and see wonderful truths through more obscure characters (like Rizpah). Beautiful New Testament truth is interwoven with each one of these stories.

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Posted on Jul 10, 2013 in Books |

6 Reasons to Read “The Watered Garden”

The Watered Garden1: It is written to be read in segments
This is not a book that you need to plow through in a few sittings. It was made so that you can take a taste, meditate, and enjoy a truth. This makes for a devotional read at your leisure.

2: Pulled from a lifetime of experience
Just like this isn’t a book to read in a few sittings, it was not written in a few sittings either. The content was not only worked on for many years, but  was pulled from years of hard study and life experiences.

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