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Posted on Mar 6, 2014 in Content |

The Scarred Feet of Christ

Scarred Feet

After His death and resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples. When they saw Him, the disciples were afraid, considering Him to be a ghost. But Jesus didn’t want them to fear. He wanted them to know of His resurrection so that they could have hope.

Jesus showed them the scars on His feet as proof of His physical resurrection. The Man that stood before them was the same Man they had seen hanging on the cross for their sins. But now death had been conquered; Christ had risen. The body that had been ravaged and devastated in death now stood alive before them in victory.

The resurrection of Jesus showed the disciples His victory and power over sin and death. There was hope, power, and purpose. All because of His resurrection. Their fears and doubts were removed by the fact that this was indeed their Savior standing before them.

When fears and doubts come in, we can remind ourselves of the scarred feet of Christ. He endured the cross for our sins, rose again in victory, and presented those feet to calm the fears of His closest friends. He is victorious over sin and death. We need not fear or doubt any more.

-JC Schroeder