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Posted on Mar 15, 2014 in Content | 1 comment

Falling at The Feet of Christ

At His Feet


And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. And He laid His right hand upon me, saying to me, “Do not fear, I am the first and the last, and the Living One, and I became dead and behold I am alive for ever and ever, Amen. And I have the keys of hell and death.”
Revelation 1:17-18

What would you do if the Lord Jesus appeared before you in all His glory? The apostle John fell at the feet of his Savior almost involuntarily, like he had died. The Lord, in loving mercy, laid His hand upon John, reassuring him not to be afraid.

It is ironic to consider two other incidents in Revelation where John innocently fell at the feet of angels. In the first instance, John was surrounded by a huge crowd that was praising God. John may have had a worshipful mindset toward God when this angel approached him. And so, John fell at the angel’s feet. Notice the reaction of the angel: he refused John’s worship and directed him to worship God.

The second time when John falls at the feet of an angel is after John has just seen the new heavens that show the great glory of God. The scene may have reminded John of what great cost Christ paid to give him access to the new heavens. And so John, out of zealousness for Christ, thought he was again in the presence of his Lord and Savior. Seeing the angel, John fell at his feet. This angel told John not to worship a fellow-servant as himself. Again, John’s worship was directed toward God.

There is quite a contrast between the time John fell at the feet of the Lord and the times he fell at the feet of angels. When John fell at the feet of the angels, they refused his worship, telling him who he should worship. The Lord accepted John’s worship. And, in the richness of His mercy, laid His hand upon John and encouraged him not to fear.

No one but God deserves worship – no man or angel, for we are all servants of the same Master. Worship Christ, fall at His feet, feel His right hand rest upon your shoulder, and know that He who became dead is alive for ever and ever.

-George Tickle

1 Comment

  1. Great job, George. I like the structure and the succinctness. Starting with a question and ending with an answer was a great format.