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Posted on Jan 1, 2014 in Content |

Why He Came

Why He Came.

Mark 10:45; Luke 5:32; Matthew 10:34; John 12:47

The Savior revealed why He came to this earth
Attended by strangers and the poor at His birth:
He came not to be served, but to serve you and me,
And to give, as a ransom, His life on the tree;
He came not to call those who thought they were good
But for sinners who longed for His soul-cleansing blood.
And the lesson is clear for His people to see:
If the Master’s a servant, then what should we be?

But the Lord also said, “I came not to send peace”
Though His sword with two edges may captives release,
He will also divide between husband and wife
If one chooses death and one chooses life.
And the cross, like the pillar of fire, we know,
Will be light to His friends but night to His foe;
And still Jesus weeps over all those who choose
His death to despise and His life to refuse.

And how grateful we are that the first time He came
It was not as the Judge to condemn or to blame;
Not our death but His, not a throne but a tree,
Not for glory but grief, not for Him but for me!
A reed for a scepter, a thorn-woven crown,
Anointed with spittle, an old coat for His gown;
Lifted up not in honor but in sorrow and shame—
The Savior! My Savior! O blest be His name!

So now, like the shepherds, we worship God’s Lamb,
Like the angels, we praise the eternal I AM;
Like wise men, we yield to Him all that we have
And herald the news of One mighty to save;
Some day in His palace we’ll bow at His feet,
Remember that night and the story repeat
When the rich became poor, when God became man,
When Giver was gift, and Lion was Lamb.

—J.B. Nicholson