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Posted on Jan 25, 2014 in Content |

Christ at the Supper Table

Christ at the Supper Table


How much can we learn from the life of Christ? Scripture mentions the benefits of knowing Jesus, and they are mind-boggling in their sheer scope. It says that we are given everything that pertains to life and godliness through knowing Him. In other words, there is a practical daily benefit in simply knowing Christ. So why don’t we delve into these incredible riches together. Let’s consider two simple, practical lessons that we can learn from Christ’s interactions at the supper table.

Showing Kindness

How would you react if you were invited to a wedding, and halfway through the reception the punch ran out? Would you complain about poor planning? Blame the caterers?
Jesus was invited to a wedding, and before the feast was over, the wine ran out. In an act of thoughtfulness and kindness, He went out of His way to provide enough wine for everyone to enjoy. He didn’t have to do this. As a guest, it wasn’t His responsibility. But He did it anyways.
It’s easy for us to take care of things when they are our responsibility, but we should learn from the example of Jesus. When you see needs, even if it’s someone else’s job, do what you can to help.

Gracious Words

Have you ever watched as someone was treated poorly? How should you react in that type of situation?
Once, in the middle of a meal, a woman stood up, pulled out a box of perfume, and broke it over Jesus’s head. This caused quite the stir. Even Jesus’s disciples gave the woman a hard time – “Why in the world did you do that?” In keeping with His gracious manner, Jesus stepped in. Any shame this woman might have felt was healed when He thanked her for what she had done.
When you see someone being mistreated, remember the gracious way that Jesus treated others. Try to follow His lead.

Whether it’s using kind words, or simply helping out when it’s needed, we can learn from Jesus’s interactions at the supper table. Every story about Jesus reveals another piece of His heart, helping us to know Him more. The more we know Him, the more we become equipped for life and godliness. Take some time each day to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

-Jesharelah Pena