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Posted on Dec 24, 2013 in Content |

God With Us: Promises Fulfilled

God With Us


God is a God of promises. Let’s consider God’s desires that flow from some of the promises fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Fellowship Restored: A Promise to Adam

Ever since the relationship between God and man was damaged, seemingly beyond repair, God’s desire has been to be with us once again.

God made His first promise after He had to seek out Adam & Eve in the garden after they had sinned. Fellowship between God and man had been broken. God promised that a Savior would come and bruise the head of the serpent, but would pay a price for His victory. Fellowship would be restored through His sacrifice.

God desired so greatly to renew His fellowship with mankind that He was willing to make this promise; and so He made Himself lower than the very angels who would herald His coming. He was willing to be born and laid in a feed trough. He became the lowest so He could once again have fellowship with His people.

Salvation from Separation: A Promise to Abraham

The next promise that we will look at is one God made to a childless elderly couple, Abraham and Sarah. God made a promise that He would give Abraham a child, and through that child the whole world would be blessed. He promised Abraham that he would eventually have a family that could not be counted, a family of every tongue, creed, and nation.

Years later, Abraham may have wondered how this would come to pass as he led his beloved son, Isaac who carried the wood for his own sacrifice, up Mount Moriah. But it was to be a picture of how God’s own beloved Son would carry a cross up a hillside, ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice to bring salvation. Through His sacrifice, we are no longer separated from God by sin.

King of Kings: A Promise to David

God also made a covenant with King David. He promised that David’s throne would be established forever. Born in squalor, yet a descendant of David, Jesus was in line to be the King of Israel. It was no wonder that Herod sent soldiers to slaughter Him. He was a threat to the throne. Years later, God allowed His Son to be killed, hung on a shameful tree. Above His thorn crowned head hung His sentence – This is Jesus, King of the Jews. Now Christ is raised from the dead and set on the right hand of God. It is written on His thigh “King of kings and Lord of lords”! He is Ruler not just over Israel, but also over all creation. Not only did God want restored fellowship with man, He wanted to make us His family, kings and priests to be co-rulers with His Son.

As we remember Christ’s birth this season, remember His name foretold in Isaiah – Immanuel: God With Us. Jesus came to Earth to fulfill God’s promises to mankind. He came to make us His people, and once again be our God.

-Sharon Sax