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Posted on Dec 6, 2013 in Content |

Triumphs of Grace: Part 3

Triumphs of Grace


Grace vs. Law

We know that grace through Christ is the only way to solve the sin problem, but what of the law? The law was given by God and was completely perfect for the purpose for which God made it. However, that purpose was never to take away sin. Instead it was there to show us that we were guilty sinners when compared to God’s perfect standard.

But are we not under the law that God gave to mankind? For this question, Paul gives an illustration in the seventh chapter of Romans. Someone married to another is released from the marriage requirements when one in the union dies. We were tied to the law, but then we died in Christ, freeing us from the law and providing an opportunity to be unified with another – Christ. Christ freed us from the law, not so we can claim that we have grace to cover our wicked actions, but so we can be more closely linked to Him!

Christ lived sinlessly, died sacrificially, and rose from the dead so that we could receive His free gift. His gift releases us from death’s rule and union with the law and lets us become more closely associated with Him by walking in the Spirit as He did. This is some of the rich harvest that comes from the overflowing grace that we have in the Lord Jesus Christ.

-David Nicholson