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Posted on Nov 25, 2013 in Books |

5 Reasons to Read “My Heart My Life My All”

My Heart My Life My All

  1. It starts in the right place
    Unlike many books that are written for the same purpose, this magnificent book starts with the cross. Many use guilt and obligation to motivate the spiritual walk; this selection promotes the proper motivation of a love for the Savior.
  2. It is written from a sincere standpoint
    Many authors write practical books without having the life to back up their words. William MacDonald was a man that lived these writings. He also provides examples and stories of others following Christ with their life to show that this lifestyle should not be a dream for a few but the norm for all.
  3. It looks at Christ for the ultimate example
    The author examines who Christ truly is from his writings which are deeply rooted in the Bible and challenges the reader to examine their own thoughts on Christ. He also exhorts readers to remember the Lord Jesus and in response lay aside desires that are fleshly and selfish.
  4. It provides the right blend of heat and light
    The book starts by defining what the Christian life should look like, but it also challenges the reader to examine the reasons why they live the way they do. Some focus on a list that one can intellectually consent with while others create a passion without any substance. This book provides the passion built on the solid foundation of the Word.
  5. It is written ideally for “small bites” of meditation
    The layout of this book is ideal for a thoughtful read. As you read, take the small bites and truly think and pray your way along. Each chapter will help you in your goal to become more like Christ.

Who should read this book?
If you are looking for a guide to help you in your spiritual walk, this is the book to purchase. This is also a great gift for any young (physically or spiritually) believer. But truly, everyone should read this book.