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Posted on Jul 24, 2013 in Content |

The Branch

TheBranchWhat do you think of when you think of a branch? Perhaps you envision a sturdy oak tree with thick, solid branches that you could hang a rope swing on. You might imagine the prickly, sappy branch of a pine, or the leafy fronds of a palm tree. If you are like me, you think of the long, sweeping branches of a willow tree. Jesus Christ, our Lord, is a called the ‘Branch’ many times. But what kind of a branch is He?

A Divine Branch – Is. 4:2

In Isaiah 4, Christ is called the Branch of the Lord. As this divine branch, Christ is possessed of beauty and glory beyond any other. His unwavering strength and unfailing promises are a beacon of light and hope in the midst of turmoil. When all else seems lost, this Branch of the Lord is the most excellent, life-giving hope that you can turn to.

A Kingly Branch – Jer. 23:5

Christ is called a Branch of David, a righteous Branch. He is the one who will fulfill all the promises that God made to David. He will sit on the throne forever. He will rule in righteousness and justice. He will bring peace. What a precious hope this is, that one day the Branch of David will be revealed in power, and He will reign forever.

A Serving Branch – Zech. 3:8

God reveals the lowly nature of this Branch to the high priest, Joshua. The Lord promises to send a Servant, the Branch. The true, humble coming of Christ is something to wonder at. The eternal Word came not to do His own will, but the Father’s. His entire life consisted of serving others. In the most incredible act of humble service, He took on the form of a servant and became obedient to death, even the death of the cross.

A Human Branch – Zech. 6:12

The Lord speaks of a man whose name is The Branch. Hebrews says that Christ took on human form, and that in all things Jesus was made like His brothers, so that He could be a merciful and faithful High Priest. What a wonder, to think that God would want to be able to relate to mankind, to be merciful and faithful to them. Yet the Branch, the man Jesus, did this for us.


Praise the Lord for His wondrous Branch! Eternal and excellent, kingly and righteous, He is wonderful to hope in and run to for refuge. A servant, one who took on flesh and blood, He is ever there for us, merciful and gracious in times of need. This Branch, Jesus Christ, is like none other.