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Posted on Jul 10, 2013 in Books |

6 Reasons to Read “The Watered Garden”

The Watered Garden1: It is written to be read in segments
This is not a book that you need to plow through in a few sittings. It was made so that you can take a taste, meditate, and enjoy a truth. This makes for a devotional read at your leisure.

2: Pulled from a lifetime of experience
Just like this isn’t a book to read in a few sittings, it was not written in a few sittings either. The content was not only worked on for many years, but  was pulled from years of hard study and life experiences.

3: Not written about trends but timely principles
The content stems from principles from the Word of God. Unlike other books that are based on issues that will soon pass, the topics in this book are timeless.

4: A rare mix of careful exposition and warm devotion
Many devotional pieces lack the depth of good solid doctrine within their pages. A lot of exposition leaves many cold with bare-bones teaching. Within this book, there is an excellent mixture of both.

5: Comments on some obscure passages
The diversity of scriptural passages mentioned throughout the book come as a nice bonus. There is not a limitation to the “familiar” passages. The book explores some of the more “obscure” passages in God’s Word.

6: Fresh insights from doing his own thinking
A main reason for the exploration of these “obscure” passages is that there was fresh, original thinking done through the writing of this book. It will leave you meditating and thinking on the ‘garden of Christ’.

Who Should Get This Book?

This would be a great gift for an elder you appreciate or for those looking for a strong, concise, biblically-based, Christ-centered devotional.

Where can I find this book?

Gospel Folio Press