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Posted on Jun 29, 2013 in Books |

5 Reasons to Read A Plant of Renown


1: Everything is all about Christ
This statement says it all. When you read this book, you will be reading about the person of Jesus Christ. His person and excellencies are the essence of this book.

2: The consistent use of scripture
When looking for a worthwhile book, a good thing to look for is how often the writer uses the ultimate source: the Bible. This selection by Sheldrake is overflowing with references from God’s Word. It expresses and respects the Scripture’s view of Christ.

3: Christ seen through the Scriptures
Not only are many scriptures used throughout the text, but the author refers to many biblical stories in light of Christ. The stories of Joseph, Jonah, Isaac, and many more refer to our Lord Jesus Christ. It is illuminating, that all the Scriptures are about Him.

4: Written in a worshipful spirit
What sold this book for me was the worship that filled the pages of this book. Everything exemplified the beauties of our Savior. While reading this book, I couldn’t simply consent to the content intellectually, I needed to thank God.

5: Challenging
Especially when I read the chapter “Despising His Renown,” I was deeply convicted about my view of Christ. This is a challenging and worship-filled book that will be well worth your time.

Who Should Get This Book?
If you want to deepen your life as a worshipper of God, refocus your life on Christ, and/or simply spend your time thinking on the Savior of the world; this is the book for you.